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 Elementor Builds

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PostSubject: Elementor Builds   Elementor Builds Icon_minitimeMon Apr 19, 2010 12:04 am

Hi here are some ele builds in case anyone wants to make an ele.
Build 1 Hit and Run
ok this is probably the easiest build to lvl with form 65 onwards all that is need for this build is int and only int however some stamcan be added but not a lot. Although an easy build to lvl with and is very self sufficient it will cost quite a bit of money as you will manly use a stick of vel porpone (lvl 45 staff) which decreases magic motion time which is a must have for HnR. Also you would want to get a good Myuran/Myurian set or 3/4 bits as you only need the 20% decreased magic motion time but if possible try to get speed awakes as the faster you run the more u can hit them. Only one skill is really used for HnR and that is windfield which is acquired at lvl 65. Although not need an rm can be useful to help you heal when hit and also ad it and running speed but gain a HnR ele is very self sufficient. However at 105 most people use a restat and go tanker how ever it is still possible to stay a HnR ele 105+ using lg staff and Shabel/Shurian sets. HnR eles usual train on lvls a lot higher than themselves and a good place to train if u can is to go azria and train at the mammies. But try to avoid cannibal.

Build 2 Tanker
ok this is my build in game what you roughly want is about 110-120 sta and rest int. Now this build will need an rm/tank in order to lvl at any point however from personal experience pairing with a HnR and gathering the mobs is quite effective as you can usually stand 2-3 hits from the mob while the HnR ele would die. Anyway back to the tanker build again you will want to acquire the Myuran/Myurian set but in full as it decreases mp consumption although it is not a must i advise it as u will not have much mp to start off with so this will help save that little bit extra cash:D. but i would try to get a decent Myuran/Myurian set as the lvl 90 green set only adds 7 int and decrease mp consumption by 20% so the effects are not as good. But also keep the hstaff till 105 as the angel staff also has some rubbish effects. However when you hit that 105 mark (or 95 if u use reductions) u will want a good Ellis/Ellsis which adds the same effect as the usual tanker sets and u will again want a good lg staff. Stam can be added again if u feel you have enough int at any point as it wont affect anything important. Tanker eles usually fight lvls similar to their own lvls which could cause slow lvling but it is quite a safe option for the not as rich people in game.

Build 3 Pure stam
ok this build is a very hard build to lvl but can take bigger mobs than usual and even take mobs a few lvls higher i expect. This build will need a lot of int, attack awakes and mp as your kill speed will be very low and mp will also be very low. This build would be aimed at people with quite a lot of money as you will have to find or make your own awakes which can cost a lot if ur very unlucky. This build can be very self sufficient but an rm could be helpful when it has max mental sign. Again use the lvl 75 set till 105 but it would be possible to use the lvl 90 equips without to much to worry about on this as it add some int which would do some good to the kill speed. i would expect this build to take on bigger mobs than most eles or challenge higher lvls and again pairing with a HnR elle could be effective to.

The last thing that a person need to make an ele is determination as eles are a very hard class to lvl and like myself without contacts or previous partners can find it hard to find pairing that are suitable for you.
If you would like anymore info just leave a post or mail/pm in game at samsam500 or xXAcroBiatchXx(probs wont be on that one but just in case) and i wll be willing to answer any questions i hope this guide helps and we start to see some more eles joining our ranks Very Happy
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PostSubject: SirenStars uber duper addition to the previous post :o   Elementor Builds Icon_minitimeSat May 22, 2010 8:22 pm

Hey Ele-Newcomers,
As an request of the guildmaster i will give you the opportunity to get a really deep look in the life of an Master Elementer lv 100+ Surprised
Well the builds which were stated before are a few builds where i say it is "OK" to use em but i would rather state them as some builds which i would never use since they are very very unbalanced in any kind.

"Hit and Run" is a keyword these days for Elementer but Hit and Run and Hit is more than just running and never get hit.
Also some ppl think a weird thing of "Speed%+"... alot of ppl got like ZOMG much of extra speed on em but i rather say it is very LOOOL since you always have to walk back to get in casting range.

Well enough of senseless words of me haha i know i can be very confusing rofl....
Here's the most used build of high lv Elementer it is very balanced and good for either grinding / tanking / and also PVP BUT IT IS STILL HIT AND RUN. For every Level you got u add 1 sta, so if ure lv 100 u got a base sta of 100 and the rest of the stats can be distributed on int. This will allow you NOT to die in either Hit and Run OR PVP and still do considerable dmg on ure foes haha.
Also with this build you can tank a few Mamoth at lv 103 without dying or feeling like been in a rush.

MY OPPINION on full int -> SUX .... I saw someone with full int he did 7k wf on me but since i got over 10k hp i survived 1 hit ... problem for him now is that he only got like 1k~3k hp max .Also counts for Hit and Run since u will always die if the server lags or ure inet lags..so i think its a total fail build.

MY OPPINION Full STA -> Sux either.... u'll survive alot but i think u dont want a Punching bag char dont u?

Well thats it from my point... and if someone asks you what build u are just say this build is called "Hybrid" Wink
If you got any questions just feel free to ask me in Game Server Mushpoie name SirenStars
Thanks my dear homies XD
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PostSubject: ele builds   Elementor Builds Icon_minitimeWed May 26, 2010 10:52 am

thanks Siren and samsam the(disloyal guildie) intresting i will build my ele with these tips np thanks again

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PostSubject: Re: Elementor Builds   Elementor Builds Icon_minitime

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Elementor Builds
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