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 Jesse's Blade Guide!

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PostSubject: Jesse's Blade Guide!   Jesse's Blade Guide! Icon_minitimeWed Apr 14, 2010 7:19 am

A blades build depends on what you want to do, and with what you plan on using. Lets first look at my build. I, atm, wield swords. ( which btw, is commonly misconcieved that swords do significantly less damage than axes, this is not true. When put in the simulator, my friend was doing 90k crits on Asuras with his swords, when lgas replaced bswords, the crits rose to 96k, this may seem like alot, but in retrospect, its only 7% increase in damage. Either way, with LGA or Bsword, he still hit them in two shots, the difference in damage is insignificant, even in pvp, max difference it would be would resemble about 800 dmg, but when doing 12k first crits..... 800 dmg wouldnt exactly save you.) My build is xxx str 30 sta and 72 dex. (The odd number of dex i have is for speed break)Some blades say i have too much dex, and i sacrifice damage for having more dex. I personally think dex is more usefull than str in all areas. str adds damage... thats it. it adds Adoch and initial damage. Dex adds block, critical, atk speed, aoe damage, and crit damage believe it or not. It depends on the situation, i pvp alot, therefore maybe to me dex is more usefull, if your focused on grinding and grinding and getting the most xp you can, i suggest str. but if your somewhat in the middle of wanting to grind, but visiting pvp every once in a while, add more dex than you would if you were focused on grinding.

A blades build also depends on the equipment that blade is using. A blade using Dayst/Dest would add more str, because the set effect of 15% crit balances out the lack of dex that blade may have. Adding dex for added block against other, maybe higher lvl blades in pvp would be pointless as they most likely are using Blain, which adds 15% block and 15% hp.. Having the added str also offsets the dex loss when grinding, because you crit like all hell, and therefore your grind time drops dramatically. When wearing a Blain/Virain set, a blade must decide on which path to take, as it is beneficial for both pvp and pvm. If dex is added, it would be leaning more towards Gianting, and pvp, if a decent amount of sta is added with dex, it would be for Gianting, Pvp, and Meteo. *Adding sta would sacrifice too much of the alternative stat to be worthwhile if you arent sure on Meteo or not, sta for pvp for a blade is pointless unless its in generous amounts* If str is added to the Blain set, then it would be properly assumed that you are headed towards a semi-pvp semi-pvm build. Other blades that wear Blain and pvp most likely will have more block than you, if you added str to grind with. * Remember, only one block changes the difference in a duel. A str blade with Blain will block a couple times less than a STR/DEX blade with Blain, and the dmg difference would be about 2k, but the block difference would be about 12k dmg subtracted from the hp of the Str blade... if the str blade has that much hp.....* The Nox set is basically if Blain and Dayst had babies. it adds 20% crit and something like 20% hp and 20% defense* The stat difference when wearing Blain and Dayst become more balanced with Nox, but at the Cost of more penya.

Lets talk about Awakes that are added onto a blades set.

When you are looking for your blades awakenings, decide what you are wanting to do for a while, as it is time consuming and costly changing your awakes for something more suitable for the build you may want to change to. I personally, as i am a pvp/pvm build, go for crit awakes rather than adoch. Theres a misconception that is common when looking for awakes. When talking with other blades, you will constantly hear adoch this adoch that, atk speed this.... First of all, if you have 120% addoch, and you have the choice between say 7% crit or 15% adoch... the 15% adoch will add maybe 3k to your crits when using an LGA or Bsword.... why wouldnt you choose critting 7% more of the time, which when translated to Mob speak, is about 1 or 2 times more each mob. ( Say you crit 30k max on a mob. Mob X has 90k Hp, with about 65% crit you will end up critting about 3 or 4 times with this mob, but with about 3k damage mroe each crit, resulting in an average of being 12k more damage per mob when trying to increase your adoch rather than crit. With that added 7% crit, you will crit 4-6 times, but since you are critting 12k-30k the average damage added is about 24k quicker. You choose which youd rather be.. Quick at damaging , or seeing high numbers everyonce in a while) And as far as atkspeed goes.... why would you need more atk speed when your at 100% atk speed when buffed anyway.. if your grinding when unbuffed.... stop. its a waste of time. Find a partner thats an RM, or login to your own RM. If you arent lazy, making an rm near lvl 75 would be wise. It comes in handy when you cant find an RM partner.
When looking for awakes, the universal awakes, regardless of the build, should be critical awakes on the gauntlets, aim for at least 4%. The suit and helmet awakes should go according to your build. Boots generally should have adoch awakes as adoch is just nice to have in general, however get ready to pay some of your savings, as the cost for adoch after 11% raises exponentially. i.e 11% 90m clean 15% 350m clean 18% 650m clean and so on. if you can find boots after 18% tell me..... i want them.

If any more questions arise, please leave a comment with the question and ill try to answer them Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Jesse's Blade Guide!   Jesse's Blade Guide! Icon_minitimeThu Apr 15, 2010 3:15 am

best short guide about a blade builde i ever read

really great discription of what is important and what isnt

i guess there arent many better guides on the offical forums but they are way longer great work there thanks a lot!!!

Jesse's Blade Guide! Fire__11

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Jesse's Blade Guide!
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